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I have been nominated by the lovely blogger, Oriana from, to participate in a travel tag. So today’s blog post is a departure from what I normally write about but a pleasant change I hope you will all enjoy! Thank Oriana for the tag and everyone check out this young writer living in Paris (how exotic).

First I will answer her questions:


I haven’t travelled extensively but the places I’ve gone to I have enjoyed them all for different reasons so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Our first trip to Disney World when our daughter was around six was truly a magical time; standing in front of Cinderella’s castle with my little girl who believed with her whole heart and soul that she was going to meet a real princess. It brought tears to my eyes to see her joy and excitement!

Our most recent big trip to Ireland last summer will certainly be a memory I’ll not soon forget. It was our first trip across the ocean and while I didn’t particularly enjoy the long plane ride, Ireland was beautiful and so rich with history. Again, I enjoyed it because my daughter was so enthralled with the history and very appreciative of this family vacation.


Austria! My all time favourite movie has always been “The Sound of Music” so I have always wanted to visit the country that is such a focus of this movie.


City holiday! I don’t like the heat so beaches aren’t really my thing. I enjoy visiting cities,; seeing the architecture, the culture and the people native to wherever I am.


  1. My phone
  2. A big purse
  3. A good book for quiet time


Definitely an over packer! I always want to take more than I need for those “just in case” moments.


Not having to cook, lol!


I think it depends on where I’m going but generally I would probably prefer my family. They know my needs and limits when it comes to travelling because of my MS.


Unfortunately I have a lot of food sensitivities so I’m not very adventurous at all, not because I don’t want to try things but simply because I don’t want to get sick especially in a strange place.

Now who do I tag to answer these questions?

Check out these great blogs! Thanks again to Oriana for the tag! Hope everyone enjoyed my responses! Do you like to travel? Where have you been? Where do you want to go? Never let the fear of the unknown keep you at home. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and see the world; it is filled with so much beauty and wonder!


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