Have You Met Mary?

Have you met Mary from http://www.uncustomary.org? If not then let me introduce you. She is wonderfully motivating and inspiring! She’s colourful and fun! She has struggled with mental illness, low self-esteem and body image issues like many of us. She has now made it her passion and her mission to take what she has studied in the field of psychology, along with her personal experiences to teach self-help and self-love to people who are struggling like she did. Through self-love, she has managed her mental illness symptoms, found confidence, came to the realization that a healthy and loving relationship with someone is attainable and is now living her happiest life possible while living in a plus size body.


Mary England, founder and facilitator of Uncustomary Babes on http://www.Uncustomary.org

Through the internet she is showing people how amazing and beautiful they truly are. Mary is teaching her followers how to make themselves and their happiness their number one goal and live the life they deserve. If you are still struggling seeing the beauty in you, I definitely recommend Mary and her website as a resource to help you travel a body positive journey.

In today’s blog post, Mary shares 25 body positive affirmations that you can say to yourself everyday to help boost your confidence and foster self-love. Write them down in a journal. Write them on sticky notes and post them where you can see them like your mirror, fridge, TV, bedside table or dinner table. The more you say them, the more believable they will become.



To become Pretty, Plus and Proud, use any resource possible to help you find self-love. It is attainable and you deserve it! You are worthy! You are beautiful! You are perfect just the way you are! You are more than good enough! Mary knows and believes it, so do I and so should you!


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