What Is Your magical Power?

I have been following an amazing woman, Rachel Estapa, for quite some time and find her to be truly inspiring and motivating when it comes to learning how to love yourself and be more body positive. I belong to her FaceBook community, “More To Love” and always enjoy connecting with other women who are travelling a similar journey as myself. We celebrate each other’s success and support each other through difficult moments.

Today’s topic poses the question, “What is your body’s magical power?”. Some of the answers included the following:

  1. My stocky but muscular legs help me to be strong in my yoga practice.
  2. My body made babies and pushed them out into this world.
  3. I can balance almost anything on my head.

So I am asking you, “What is your body’s magical power?. It can be a tough question especially for someone just learning to embrace, accept and love their body. I must admit I had to think for several moments of an answer. I think my body’s magical power is my deep emotional connection to the world. My emotions are always very close to the surface which can be difficult to control at times. However, I think I connect with people well and my emotions make me more empathetic and sympathetic. My feelings enable me to be of help to women struggling with their body image. I hope my emotional connections help me be a more effective motivator and an inspiration to women who are having trouble moving forward on their journey to self-love.

Share your thoughts on this question! Check out Rachel Estapa on her website https://www.moretolovewithrachel.com/ and as always Be Pretty, Plus and Proud on your journey to self-love!


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