Do I Promote Obesity and Bad Health?

A lot of people who are body positive advocates are asked this question. You would think that all the blogs, motivational speakers, Instagram accounts, Tweets and YouTube videos out there would be enough to answer this question with a resounding, NO!!! But obviously not because the question still exists and gets circulated around. Personally, I think that the weight loss industry is running scared. They know they are facing extinction as more people face up to the fact that diets don’t work and loving themselves is cheaper than paying someone to help them change. Maybe slim people are simply uncomfortable with fat people being happy and so they toss judgement and questions around to help themselves feel more comfortable. Whatever the reason for the question, the answer is still no.

I do not promote obesity or bad health. I do not want people to eat chips all day and lay about the house. I promote the idea that no one should be treated badly because of how they look. I do not judge people for how they have arrived to this point in their life overweight, scarred or “flawed”. I do not look at a person’s skin colour, hair colour, height, weight, race or religion and decide that one way to be is any better than another way. Blonde is not better than brunette. Dark is not better than light. Male is not better than female. Petite is not better than large. Catholic is not better than Hindu. There is and should be room for everybody.

Everybody is worthy of love, respect, kindness, opportunity. comfort, happiness and joy. Being body positive means I applaud everyone’s right to live their life as they wish. Being body positive means feeding your body, mind and soul with goodness simply to be the best version of yourself. Being body positive is not about doing things to be skinnier or prettier. It’s not about competition or comparison. It is simply about being more open and accepting of someone different than yourself, leaving judgement and personal opinions out of the equation. Being body positive means knowing that a person’s true value is measured by what they do or say not by what the human eye can see.

Would you be rude or disrespectful to an elderly man on the bus? I would hope not. Why then is it okay for people of different sizes, shapes and colours to be made fun of, shunned or left out? Being body positive means that kind of treatment of people is not okay and as a body positive advocate, I am saying loud and clear, “NO MORE!”

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud and am claiming a space in this world that I deserve. I am worthy. I am good enough. I love myself just as I am and no one has the right to try to change that or say it’s not okay.


6 thoughts on “Do I Promote Obesity and Bad Health?

  1. cyranny says:

    I totally agree…

    It is so ridiculous to me that people would get your message so wrong. I was morbidely obese as a young adult, and I wasn’t well in my body. But I know men and women that are Plus sized and happy, and I’d never advise them to change just because the society wants them to. Unhappiness comes in all sizes, colors and backgrounds… So does happiness, and it should be celebrated no matter the “difference” 🙂

    Stay the fabulous woman you are 🙂 xx


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