Birthday Stuff – Part One

Ok I know I said my blog posts would improve but then birthday stuff happened and I’ve lapsed again. I beg your forgiveness and hope that you won’t hold it against me!

So, let me begin my tale of two birthdays. On the weekend, my lovely daughter  turned sixteen. I can not believe this to be true! How can that have happened so fast? Were we not just playing on the bedroom floor yesterday? Apparently not, as before me now stands a young woman, not a little girl. We had a lovely celebration with friends and family who have known my girl since she was a baby and have watched her grow up. They’ve experienced the highs and lows with us and see what I see when I look at my daughter, a strong, intelligent, ambitious, kind, generous and beautiful human being.


My daughter’s birthday cake with a travelling theme in honour of her recent European adventure.

A highlight of our party was the opportunity for my sister, brother and I to be together which doesn’t happen very often. Distance is the main reason for our separation so this rare chance to be in each other’s company was truly special.


Short little me in the middle of my “baby” brother and sister.

In addition to it being my daughter’s birthday on Sunday, I celebrated my birthday on Monday. I enjoyed a lovely day doing what I love best, shopping at Torrid with a good friend who then treated me to lunch. What’s even better than shopping at Torrid? Shopping with birthday money, gift card and Haute Cash!



I bought this one!




The day ended with a lovely dinner with my hubby and daughter including DQ ice cream cake, more gifts and cards:


My heart is full!

And the stomach flu! No I was not hung over! My day did indeed culminate into the stomach flu! Thus the true and final reason for why there have been no blog posts for a few days. Happy birthday to me, lol! Thankfully it was only a 24 hour bug and I’m feeling better today.

So that was my weekend! What have you been up to? Any other April queens out there? Share how you celebrated your birthday! I hope it was being Pretty, Plus and Proud and not sick with the stomach flu!


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