Busy Days!

Hello, it’s me! I am very aware that I have not been keeping to my daily schedule of blog posts lately. A lot of stuff going on in our house these days but don’t think I have forgotten about you, my beautiful and loyal followers. On the contrary, I think about you each and every day and hope life is treating you well.

This weekend marks the most beautiful, emotional and proudest day of my life; my daughter’s birthday. She is turning sweet sixteen this year and I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought that my little girl is growing up far too fast. I remember the day she was born as clear as if it had been yesterday. I was beyond joyful I had brought into this world a beautiful baby girl, Emily Ena Anne. Ena was my maternal grandmother’s name so I wanted to keep it going by giving it to my daughter. Emily truly was a beautiful baby but being a mother was so much more difficult than I ever could have imagined. Through the sleepless nights, tears and fumbling new parent mistakes, we made it through and Emily thrived. She is now a gracious, funny, independent, kind, giving, smart, strong, ambitious and beautiful young woman of whom I could not be more proud of.

This weekend we are celebrating this occasion with close friends and family; my sister arrives from NS tonight and my brother and sister in-law plan to come from Hamilton on Saturday. Of course all the family and friends closest to us will be here to help make this day special. Part of me wishes my girl was still little but part of me enjoys this older version as well; our conversations and the way she can always make me laugh are my fondest memory making moments.

After this weekend, family life will hopefully return to it’s more usual calm routine and I can get back to writing and doing what I love; helping people feel good about themselves.

What plans do you have for the weekend ahead? Whether its quiet time in solitude or socializing with crowds, keep your head held high and the feeling of being Pretty, Plus and Proud foremost in your thoughts!


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