Did You Meet Your Goals This Week?

At the beginning of the week I asked you what you wanted to accomplish this week. My goals included continuing with our decluttering. I’m happy to say we made a huge dent in that job. Many trips to the donation center and the dump cleared up our basement considerably. It amazes me how much we collect! So much stuff that’s not needed or used! It feels so freeing to let it all go. I was ruthless, tossing out and donating anything that didn’t pull on my heartstrings. A few items remain, one of which is my Dad’s pastry decorating tools. It helps me remember the beautiful birthday cakes we had as kids and wedding cakes my sister and I were so lucky to have, made by our father’s loving hands. I know he was a very talented decorator held in high esteem.


Dad’s icing decorating tips. I think of all the beautiful brides he made happy with cakes fit for a princess.

Another goal I had for the week was to start painting my kitchen. The last time it had been painted was over ten years ago so it was long overdue for a change. It took some convincing to get hubby on board with my vision but happily the task has been started and will hopefully get done before the weekend.




Out with the yellow and white is the new plan.

So what did you do this week? Did you drink more water, go for a few walks, visit friends or family or simply change positions from the bed to the couch? Whatever you did, congratulations on your efforts. If things didn’t exactly go as planned, no worries. Tomorrow is a new day and there’s always a new week ahead to try again. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t follow through on your plans. Life is a journey with lots of twists and turns so plans can change as easily as changing the channel on your TV. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a bad person. Chin up darlings and move forward. Try again and again. The point is to not give up.

The long weekend is upon us so I’ll be away from the computer spending Easter celebrating with family, enjoying delicious food (and Easter chocolate bunnies) and waiting for my girl to arrive home from her trip abroad. I can’t wait until Easter Monday to give her a big hug, hear her stories and enjoy her photos; that’s my goal for the next few days ahead.  I hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend and Happy Easter!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and go forth spreading some smiles and love to anyone who needs a little extra boost. Holidays often prove difficult for people who are either alone and don’t really have anyone special to share the day with or for people who may have to deal with difficult family. Your smile and extra dose of kindness may be all they need to get through the next few days. 


Image courtesy of latindiva14 from Instagram.


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