What Are You Going To Accomplish This Week?

A new week has begun so what are you going to accomplish this week? What goals do you have? Your picture for the days ahead does not have to be grandiose. They do not have to be news worthy. Maybe, like me, you are working on simplifying your life by decluttering your home one box at a time. Some of you might be working on being healthier versions of yourself so maybe you’re going to drink more water this week or try going for a walk a few times if the weather cooperates. Maybe you are feeling disconnected from family and friends so you might want to reach out with a phone call or make plans for a get together. For some, it may be the kind of week when getting out of bed is a struggle so give yourself a break and practice self-care.


All images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram.

Whatever the week has in store for you, I hope it is everything you hope for. I send you positive vibes, lots of love and remember you can get through it all being Pretty, Plus and Proud!


Do something that lights you up this week!


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