Try and Try Again


Image courtesy of anncharles368.

Do you have dreams yet to be fulfilled? Do you have goals not yet met? Do you have places you want to see? People you want to meet? Adventures not taken?

Why? Are you stuck in a rut of negative talk or stinking thinking? Do you feel like your size, colour, race, disabilities, sex or religion is holding you back from doing things or being successful in life? It’s time to breaks yourself free from the bounds that tie you up. Free yourself from doubt and negativity and try! Try and try again. It is only through trying that we can accomplish things in life. How do you know you can’t do it if you don’t try?

Did I think I could write a blog and actually have people from all over the world read it? Not at first but I decided to start writing more for my own satisfaction then getting noticed by anyone else. I did it because I enjoy writing and had a story I wanted to share. I figured if one person learns something from my posts, then that’s great but if not that was ok too. I am pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback and number of followers I’ve accumulated over the last year and a half of writing. I’m honoured and humbled that my thoughts, ideas, experiences and stories have helped people feel better about who they are. If I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience the joy of helping people with similar issues as my own.

It’s easy to try something and give up if your attempt wasn’t successful. I was very good at that in my youth. I tried to learn how to ride a bike but ran into the front yard fence, hurt my finger and never went on a bike again. My Dad tried to teach me to skate but when I kept falling, I quickly quit and never did master that skill. I was a Girl Guide for a while but going to camp put a stop to that activity. On my first trip, I hated the cold, the bugs, the food, the sleeping arrangements and decided this wasn’t for me and gave up. Maybe If I had tried again, I would have had a better experience next time.

Accomplishments and feelings of success and pride come from effort, from trying. If you sit on the couch and twiddle your thumbs thinking about what you want to do but don’t actually try to do anything, what joy is there in that? Isn’t like about experiences outside the confines of the four walls that house you?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and try and try again so when you are old and grey, you can look back at your youth without any regrets. You can say, “Look at all the times I tried something new! Maybe some didn’t work out but I learned from the process. Other tries reaped the rewards and I accomplished things I am proud of.”



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