Do What Is Best Not What Is Easy

As someone who is plus size and limited in my mobility due to MS, it is often easier to think of the things I can’t do. Negative thoughts may be the easy route to excuse myself from participating in life. For example, I could say that I can’t really exercise or workout because my legs aren’t strong enough. However, if I choose what’s best and not what’s easiest, I can work out if I try aquafit, yoga or use my walker to walk small distances several times a day.

As a plus size person, you might avoid trips that require a plane ride because you fear you won’t fit comfortably in the seat. Doing the easy thing would be to avoid airline travel but doing what is best would be to think of ways to make it work so you can enjoy seeing the world like any body does. You can ask for a seatbelt extension or pay a little more for first class where seats are a little wider.

If you don’t feel confident in your skin, it’s probably easier to wear sweats and stay in your house 24/7. That is most definitely not what is best for you. Tidy yourself up, make a hair appointment, nail appointment, shopping trip and get out there and have fun. Go to a movie, invite a friend out for coffee, visit an art gallery or go to the park and soak up some sun. You’ll feel so much better than hiding out behind the curtains of your windows.

It’s easier to chow down on a bag of Cheetos but it is not what is best for you. Take time to cut up some colourful vegetables, drink a small glass of wine and savour a delicious and nutritious meal. Your tummy and your body will thank you.

You may feel that with all your “flaws” you don’t deserve or are worthy of someone who truly loves you unconditionally, someone who treats you with respect. It’s easier to stay in a bad relationship when you think you’re not good enough for anything better. Don’t take the easy way out on this one. Every body deserves true love. Every body deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Do what is best and don’t settle for abuse or mistreatment. Wait for Prince Charming!

Believe me when I say, I know exactly how easy it is to take the easy route but I also know it is not always the best road to take. Life is made to live joyfully! Live it in colour not black and white! Live it enthusiastically! Do things fearlessly! Make your dreams come true! Do what is best, not what is easy! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud because that is the best way to be! 


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