Blessings and Opportunities

A few weeks ago, I was rather upset when an opportunity for a motivational speaking event was cancelled (hopefully just postponed). Anyone who read that post could very plainly feel my pain! I readily admit that perhaps I need to work on my coping skills when it comes to dealing with changes. Take a breath and chill Ena!

This week I had the pleasure of lunching with a new friend who I met at Sarah Taylor’s Curvy Confidence Boot Camp. Sandra has quickly become a woman to which I aspire to be more like; confident, motivational, successful, intelligent and of course, beautiful. Speaking with her on Saturday gave me a new perspective on how to deal with disappointments and change. She advised me to check out some people she uses as sources of motivation and lessons in remaining calm in the face of stress and disappointment.

After our lovely meet up, I realized that life will always present moments for which I could respond to with anger, sadness or confusion. However, my reaction to these moments is a choice. I can control my emotions. I must remember that where one door closes, another door is ready to open. To prove this point, Sandra invited me to participate in a networking event she will be part of in the near future. My speech I prepared will not go to waste. Also, today I received a good news email. I had applied to do a speaking lecture through the Oshawa Public Library and so today’s email was a very positive response to my application. I will hopefully be part of their Fall/Winter 2017 catalogue of events and activities.

I received a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement from my family, friends and followers after I posted my disappointment a few weeks ago. I am very grateful to have such a wonderful support system and I know that I will always have people to lean on in moments of difficulty. I know who has my back and I feel truly blessed and grateful!

Life is full of blessings and opportunities if we can muster the patience to wait for them. This Pretty, Plus and Proud blogger has to remember to practice faith!


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