In My Daughter’s Eyes


What does my daughter see when she looks at me? Does she see a strong, intelligent and kind woman?

In my daughter’s eyes am I someone she would like to be? Does she see someone confident and motivated to do good?

When I am ready to step out the door, is she following me thinking that I am ready to conquer my fears and that I am a woman who will stand up for herself if need be?

Is my daughter proud of me? Does she know I do my best every day to be a positive role model and influence in her life?

Have I been able to show her that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it and that by doing so, it is not a sign of weakness but of strength?

Despite my flaws, does she appreciate the efforts I make to love myself unconditionally, knowing that even Moms aren’t perfect? Does she understand that perfection is not something any of us can achieve?

Have I been able to convince her that she is strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough? Does she know she is more then good enough?

I hope the answer to these questions are a yes. It is something I strive for each and every day; to be the kind of woman my daughter would some day want to be. I discovered the song below when my daughter was a baby and it captures beautifully how I feel about my girl and who I am as a Mom and a woman since she arrived into my life. Not only do I hope I am someone she wants to be but in her eyes I see someone I want to be as well! I am very Pretty, Plus and Proud of my daughter and my role in moulding this amazing young woman! 

Even if you are not a Mom at this point in your life, be a positive influence to your nieces, friends’ children, kids in the neighbourhood, children at church, co-workers’s little ones. There are young people all around that need mentoring. Find them and show them they have the potential to be someone great no matter what they look like, where they come from, what has happened in their past. Their future is in their hands so help them make great things possible.






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