Live Video Chat With Mel Parrish


Photo by @bryanwhitely, Hair and Makeup by @laurenolearybeauty

My Instagram inspiration, follower, supporter and friend, Queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram was the lucky winner of a video chat with model Mel Parrish. The lovely Queenbee then nominated me for this honour and I had my live video chat with Mel last evening. It was exciting to say the least to speak with this beautiful and inspiring woman.

Melinda Parrish is a public figure, host of Body Love TV (which airs every Friday noon ET on FaceBook live) and a plus size model working for Ford Modelling Agency and Brigette Models. She also shared with me she had been of service to her country in the Navy; no shrinking violet here. She is obviously a strong, independent, intelligent, inspiring and motivating woman not to mention beautiful as well.

Her belief is that health can be found at any size; not all skinny people are healthy and not all plus size people are unhealthy. Her topics on her channel include; #1 Oppressor of Women, Shutting Down Body Shamers, Embrace Change, Things To Do To Be Unstoppable and How To Overcome Binge Eating.


Pilates studio @thepilatesloftarlington, Photo by @crazytownproductions, Outfit by @underarmourwomen

She was a delight to speak with, immediately putting me at ease with compliments (thanks beautiful). We discussed what my body positive journey looked like, since everyone’s journey is different. She asked about my blog; what did I like to write about, how did it start and what has it given to me. She encouraged me to continue my work in helping women who desire to love their bodies without buying into the diet culture. She supported my wish to venture into motivational speaking, giving me some tips on how to make that dream a reality.


Photo by @eakphoto, Hair by @hairdavinci, Outfit by @ASOS_us

This conversation with Mel was definitely the highlight of my week! I was a little nervous so I hope I didn’t come across as silly and starstruck. lol! I was definitely feeling Pretty, Plus and Proud after this virtual meet up. Thank you Mel for your time, listening to and discussing my thoughts, ideas and opinions on the body positive movement and its meaning in my life. It’s wonderful how you reach out to the average woman, living an average life to get inspiration for your Friday monologues on I strongly encourage everyone to check her out on Instagram (especially if you’d like the opportunity to chat live with this lovely lady) and her FaceBook channel for some body love!


Photo by @bryanwhitely, Hair and Makeup by @laurenolearybeauty


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