Inspiring Women Finale – Jennifer


Who is this blue haired beauty? Why, this is Jennifer Of course! The mastermind and very skilled photographer behind Lady Luck Pin-ups Photography Studio. Her artfully arranged photos have been “empowering women through the art of photography since 2010”.

She sets playful, fun and very original scenery behind every picture taken, bringing out the sexy and beautiful side of everyone who enters her studio.


Her motto that everyone should be loved and no body should be hated is one I truly have come to accept. I met Jen at last year’s Curvy Expo. She’s as delightful as she appears and is a trailblazer when it comes to pin-up and boudoir photography. I have never seen pictures like hers, everyone uniquely thought out and orchestrated around her posing subject.



I have a postcard copy of her sign above on my fridge, that reminds everyone who enters my home that no one will be judged based on their body. Every body is loved in my house!


A revolution is what we need and Jen is leading the way with photos of voluptuous women not ashamed of their curves, rolls, lumps or bumps.


It’s these kinds of thoughts and ideas that motivate Jen to challenge all women to see their beauty and accept their body for what it is. fullsizeoutput_403

So very true! So take a lesson from Ms. Lady Luck Pinups and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of all your curvaceous beauty! 

For more information on Jen and her studio or to make a booking check out her website

or check out her FaceBook page

or check out her Instagram ladyluckpinsupsandboudoir

Treat yourself or someone you love with a picture very different from your standard department store studio!



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