Inspiring Women Series – Dani


Today’s Inspiring Women post is all about Dani. Find her on Instagram and YouTube as Chooselifewarrior. A warrior she is, having battled an eating disorder and sharing her struggles and road to recovery with brutal honesty.


She has become a very public figure in the fight for body positivity and acceptance, choosing YouTube as her platform for challenges that help women rid themselves of things, ideas and even people holding them back from embracing and loving who they are. I participated in one of her challenges last winter and found it educational, enlightening and also fun. Her videos create discussion about what does it mean to be body positive, how can it be achieved and why is it worth striving for.

I admire her honesty about mistakes and difficulties she’s had to face to become the more confident and self-loving woman she is today. I appreciate the raw emotion she shares with her followers.


Her quotes remind me that I am good enough and worthy as I am without having to change into something society feels is more appropriate. They remind me that it is not me that needs to change but society.


Dani teaches us to be ourselves, no matter what shape or size that may be and that comparing ourselves to others is unfair to ourselves and only leads to self-destruction and unhappiness.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud with your body and everything that is you from the inside out.Check out this link below to download and print your own body positive calendar free compliments of Dani. It is full of inspiring women, challenges and ideas to help you on your body positive journey.



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