An Apology Is Owed

I am human and because of that I am prone to making mistakes. I do not do so intentionally. My heart is sincere and I mean no one harm or disrespect whether that be in person or within my writing. Unfortunately in my post on Jewelz that I wrote as part of my inspiring women series, I did hurt someone’s feelings and for that I am using this post as a public apology.

In the last photo I included in the post, Jewelz is posing with some Torrid shopping bags. I chose to cut out the person she was posing with simply because I hadn’t gotten permission to include her photo likeness in my blog. I thought the shopping picture was cute since I love Torrid so much. What I should have done was to secure permission to include Jewelz’s friend in the photo before using it or not include it at all. I am very sorry Rebecca Northcott for my error and poor judgement. I meant no offence or insult to you.

In fact, I hope everyone takes an opportunity to look up this very talented lady known on Instagram as beccabexbest or you can also find her under rebeccanorthcottphotography. She’s an amazing photographer, as you would have seen in my post about Jewels. She’s also a plus size model, body positive advocate and astute business woman. She is inspiring and motivating and proves that size doesn’t determine your worth or define who you are. Her Instagram bio includes this quote, “You were born to be different”, illustrating to us that we are not meant to be cookie cutter copies but each of us should be individual and unique in how we look and who we are as people. She is beautiful, creative, insightful  and deserves more respect than I missed out on giving her.

This is the photo as it should have appeared:


Two lovely ladies enjoying a Torrid shopping trip; besties having fun together!

I’m not feeling very Pretty, Plus or Proud for this error but like any mistake I will use it as a learning opportunity and do my best to not repeat it. 

Contact Rebecca for pricing and sessions;



6 thoughts on “An Apology Is Owed

  1. Evie says:

    Aww hun … anyone that knows you knows you only are the sweetest of persons. I would have probably done the same exact thing as you did. I have to crop friends out of my pictures all the time cause they make such a big deal of me including them. Sometimes you can’t win no matter your intentions! ( hugs )


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