Inspiring Women Series – Alexandria


Alexandria aka “smithythefishy”  is someone who can light up your day simply with that smile. She is a strong presence for body positivity through her Instagram and YouTube channel ( In her Instagram bio, Alexandria describes herself as an advocate for body positivity and self-love. She is big, beautiful, on a continuous journey of loving her body and is a PCOS fighter.


On her YouTube channel she shares her fashion tips and style for the plus size woman, makeup application and body positive advice. She’s not shy about sharing her journey and pictures of her body so other women can gain confidence with their bodies and all the glorious imperfections that are part of real women.


I had the pleasure of doing a video collaboration with her earlier this year. She’s fun, supportive, motivating and inspiring to not just her followers but to fellow YouTubers, bloggers and body positive advocates. She’s willing to share the spotlight when it comes to helping anyone who advocates for people with body image issues. Alexandria is a woman to look up to not just because of her plus size body but also because of her health issues with PCOS. She shows anyone with difficult and possible debilitating diseases or health problems that self-love is about loving your body through everything life throws at you, not just your shape or size.


I am Pretty, Plus and Proud to have found Alex. Her social media is a great source of positivity for anyone who is looking for that boost to get them through this thing called life because sometimes it’s really hard and we could all use a friend like “Smithy”. Thanks Alexandria for all you do to spread the body positive and self-love message. You are making a difference!





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