Inspiring Women Series -Jewelz


Jewelz is another inspiring woman I had an opportunity to meet at last year’s Curvy Expo. Jewelz describes herself as “body positive, life extremist, activist, model and fashionista”. She is the founder of the hashtag “Big and Blunt” and that she is. With Jewelz, what you see is what you get and she is amazing; inspiring women everywhere to get real about loving their bodies whatever shape or size it might be.


Corset by@wegotcurves


Photo by @_alisaremi, suit by @bigsiscloset


Photos by @beccabexbest, gown by @phelinecourture, jewels by @amadoradeignsjewels, hair by @rebeccathomashairstyling, makeup by @beautywith_budget

Whether modelling lingerie, bathing suits or ball gowns, Jewelz has one motto in mind, “There are still so many people out there who believe they don’t deserve to love themselves unless they look a certain way. I want to keep fighting for them and keep spreading the message of self-love.”


Photo by @beccabexbest of @rebeccanorthcottphotography


Photo taken by @photobynila

Modelling was the beginning of a wonderful journey for Jewelz. She saw it as a great way to inspire people especially the young. She feels that the media needs to have more diverse body types so people know they are not alone and it is okay to love who they are and the skin they are in. From modelling she launched her online movement #BigAndBlunt which “promotes body confidence and lets people know they can wear whatever they want, say whatever they want and be whoever they want as long as it’s not harming anyone”.

For Jewelz, being a body activist means advocating for all body shapes and sizes and never judging a person for what you see on the outside. Health and wellness is not determined by  what a person looks like and so we should not judge or make assumptions about people based on how they look to the eye. Regardless of how someone looks, it does not mean they deserve less love or happiness. It does not mean they don’t deserve to feel confident and beautiful. It does not mean they don’t deserve to love themselves or be loved by others. Jewelz is spreading this message one photo shoot at a time!



Are there days she doesn’t feel happy about her body? Sure, but like all of us on this journey, those days happen less often. She hopes that people still see, even on her bad days, a woman who is gaining more confidence every day and is finally at ease with who she is and how she looks. She is someone who loves her body and her self as we all should. Follow her on Instagram @jewelzjourney and I’m sure you’ll see yourself behind many of her photos. She quite literally bares all in some pictures and is not ashamed or embarrased by lumps, bumps, rolls or cellulite. If this woman can do it, then surely we all have within ourselves the possibility of self-love!


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud no matter what skin you’re in, fat or thin!




2 thoughts on “Inspiring Women Series -Jewelz

  1. Mark Northcott says:

    thanks for cutting my wife out of that photo. it’s not very body positive to do something like that. She was quite offended by being cut out and i think you could have chosen a different picture instead of doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ena says:

      I’m very sorry! I had no intention of offending anyone. I didn’t include her because I didn’t want to publish something without her approval or permission. I should have reached out to her to ask or not use that photo. My deepest apologies!


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