International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day my beauties! I hope that all you lovely ladies reading this post today, took some time for yourself to celebrate being a woman. Yes, there are some things about being a woman that can be unpleasant but today is a day to focus on how strong, smart, inspiring and beautiful women are, you included.

Think of all the roles you as a woman must be. Many of you are not just one of these but many; mothers, wives, teachers, sisters and daughters. Some of you run businesses, do volunteer work, lead protests, inspire and motivate other women to change or make change in the world. We as women feel deeply, think carefully and incite others to make our world a place of peace and love.


You are capable of great things and can make anything possible. Put your doubt on a shelf and believe in your greatness. Accomplish your goals, make your dreams come true and make today the day you have the confidence to live a life that is authentic and true to you. Accept, embrace and love who you are, for you are a woman and you can make a difference for the better for everyone.

Be a builder of other women around you. Applaud the wonderful things women near and far are doing; leading political parties, writing important pieces of literature, leading lives that will be in history books for centuries to come. Clap for the single mother holding down two jobs to care for her children, smile at the elderly woman working at the doughnut shop because her pension isn’t enough to pay her rent and encourage our teenage girls that getting an education is far more important than trying to fit into a size 0 pair of designer jeans.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud to be female! Love your size, your shape, your colour, your ethnicity, your intellect, your values and everything else that is the wonderful and amazing package of YOU!


Don’t forget to have fun and play a little!


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