Inspiring Women – Lindsay


Who is this gorgeous lady you might ask? Well her name is Lindsay Tipping-Labanino and she is the founder and owner of With Love (, the first and only direct sales fashion company providing plus size women with trendy and beautiful clothing while also giving them an opportunity to participate in and help grow their own successful business. Women will have the chance to help themselves and other women they share their business with, feel confident and beautiful in their curves. No diet plans, pills or detox shakes needed here. Lindsay strongly believes that “women don’t need to change their bodies to feel great, just their clothes.”



Lindsay and her company received some attention and love recently as a feature in FabUplus magazine, the only print magazine made specifically with the plus size woman in mind. 

Spring 2017 will bring about some great changes for this company as it will be launching its own line of clothing and sharing opportunities for independent style consultants to build a successful business by sharing the line “With Love” with friends, family, co-workers and any plus size woman in need of a little style makeover.

Lindsay is a strong, hard-working, intelligent and of course, beautiful woman who wants to help curvy women everywhere feel happy, confident and Pretty, Plus and Proud in their own skin without feeling the need to change anything other than maybe their clothes. Thank you Lindsay for sharing this wonderful business idea with us. The curvy world anxiously awaits Spring 2017 to see what “With Love” has in store for us. Wishing you much luck!



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