Still On Decluttering Mode

I’m taking a short break from my series on women who inspire me to share with you an up date on my decluttering and simplifying job I’ve been doing around the house. In past posts I’ve reported on my progress going from room to room, clearing out cupboards, drawers and closets. This past Saturday I spent the majority of time untangling necklaces and putting up a new and organized hanging system. My daughter looked at it and asked, “Where are the price tags?”. She’s a funny one that girl!


My bulletin board was taken from the kitchen and I bought new push pins for hanging my jewellery. The other two pieces of hanging hardware I purchased from Varagesale, an app I’ve been using to sell a lot of my items I no longer want.  They were originally used for displaying mugs in the kitchen but for $5 I chose to use them for necklace display.  I know I have too much but as I went through them there was only one I honestly didn’t want. Now that they are displayed, I can see what I have and hopefully get more use out of them. Although this looks like it shouldn’t have been that big of a job, it was the detangling mess I had to deal with that took up the time.

Another area I cleaned up was my scarf collection. Before, they were all hanging on one hanger in my closet. If I wanted a particular scarf I had to take them all off the hanger, untangle and find the one I wanted. Now, my scarves are spread out over several hooks from an over the door hook system also purchased on Varagesale for a few dollars. They are now more accessible and again it’s easier to see what I have so hopefully I will use them more often.


I am Pretty, Plus and Proud of all the hard work I’ve putting in over the last few weeks decluttering and simplifying my home. When the jobs are done, I’m hoping the house will be easier to clean, easier to find stuff and more aesthetically pleasing. I will be able to enjoy the things I truly love! 

How do you keep things like jewellery and scarves organized? Share your tips for us gals looking for new ways to organize and stay that way!


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