Put On Your Positive Pants


Image found on FaceBook from closed group The Changemakers Cafe.

We all dread Monday but it comes around whether we like it or not. The idea of getting up early, making lunches, making sure everyone has clean clothes to wear, figuring out dinner plans, commuting to work and home again all make for the Monday blues a very real and overwhelming feeling. However, it really is no different than any other day of the week and can be, in fact, a good opportunity for positive thoughts and changes.

Organize the weekend so everyone has a chore to do. Maybe make Saturday morning chore time. Divide and delegate and rotate every weekend so no one gets bored with any one job. Or assign jobs based on everyone’s particular talents. For example, my daughter loves to cook so if I were to follow my own advice from this post, she could plan a few meals for the week, checking for ingredients and make the grocery list. The point is to get everyone chipping in on what has to get done to make the work week run more smoothly. Once chores are done and out-of-the-way, reward the family with fun time; maybe a movie out, an afternoon of games, outside recreation or maybe allow freedom to hang out with friends or do nothing at all.

When Monday morning rolls around, you may not dread it quite so much if the majority of the dirty work has been taken care of. Either way, Monday blues is a state of mind, and life has to go on so “put on the positive pants” and get on with the day. It’ll be over soon enough and the week will carry on like it usually does.

Keep your Pretty, Plus and Proud attitude in place no matter what day of the week it is!


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