Inspiring Women Series – Sarah Taylor


Looking beautiful thanks to @nissab12 @xpression_the_salon in Brooklyn.

I have had the honour to be in the presence of this gorgeous lady a couple of times now; the first at Curvy Expo in Toronto last winter and secondly at her Curvy Confidence Bootcamp not long ago, also in Toronto.


Image courtesy of @craveboudoir with @repostapp.

Let me introduce you to Sarah Taylor, “professional plus size model, blogger (, motivational speaker, Miss Plus Canada 2015, Beauty Diversity Advocate and Assistant Editor for FabUplus magazine (the first and only print, body positive, weight neutral fitness, lifestyle and beauty magazine)”.


Look by @davidsbridal, photo by @josepaganphotography, makeup by @therealmichael, hair colour by @nissab12 @xpression_the_salon

Sarah has had to overcome many challenges to get to the place of confidence and self-love she is at now. She openly shares her journey of surviving abuse, self-hatred and sadness so that other women in similar places can learn to have hope and see their beauty regardless of their size, shape or situation in life.


Outfit by @sexyplus, hair, makeup and photography by @katiuskaidrovoo, hair colour by @nissab12 @xpression_the_salon, ring from @peoplesjewellers

Sarah lives a life of gratitude for the blessings in her life by volunteering at W.I.N.G.S. Maternity Home ( in Ajax, Ontario, as the Event and Fundraising Manager and as a mentor to the young women living in the home and within the community the home services.


@fabuplus, ad for @sexyplus, other models pictured include @pureivoryca @sassyjodi @caterinamoda

Within her role as Assistant Editor at FabUplus magazine (which can be purchased here in Canada at your local Chapters), Sarah wants to “change the way media and the world see plus size women”. She encourages women to live life to the fullest in the body they have now. Through her Curvy Confidence Bootcamp I personally took to heart her message that every woman, regardless of size or shape, deserves love, respect and is more than good enough for greatness in their life.


Sarah graciously accepted to pose with short, little me (lol) at her Curvy Confidence Bootcamp.

Sarah Taylor is a woman of great strength, power, intelligence, courage and beauty. She is the epitome of what it is to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud. Check out her blog and Instagram for motivation and inspiration to live the good life today! Thank you Sarah for all you have done to help women overcome adversity and find the beauty within themselves again or perhaps for the very first time!


Photography by @r.skuja_photographer, graphics from Proverbs 31



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