Inspiring Women Series – Lisa


Lisa, slaying a T-shirt from Lane Bryant.

Time for some Canadian girl love! Let me introduce this gal, Lisa or as most of her followers know her, mustangsallytwo from her blog and her Instagram page.  During the day she works as a CPA/CA but at night she moonlights as a plus size model and body positive advocate. Her Instagram page describes her as a fashion, jewellery and purse lover. Her belief is that “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we should all love ourselves because we deserve it”. I couldn’t agree more!


Dress is from @gatsbylady, photography by @r.skuja_photographer

She is a strong professional woman but has struggled with her body image for a large portion of her life. She believed, like many of us, that the answer to happiness, confidence and loving herself would be found only in a thinner version of herself. Lisa now proudly says she has accepted and embraced her body and knows she is beautiful inside and out. Having the distinct pleasure to have met her last winter at Curvy Expo here in Toronto, I can firmly attest to that sentiment; she is beautiful inside and out!


Dress from @societyplus, photography by @r.skuja_photographer

She has spent the last few years exploring the world of fashion for plus size women knowing all too well how difficult it can be to find beautiful, trendy and well-fitting clothing for anyone larger than a size 10. Lisa’s bio on her website states the following, “I hope to inspire the everyday woman and show them that they can find clothes that are stylish and fit well and that we don’t have to settle. I believe that every woman can dress well and feel beautiful; it may take a little effort but the end result is well worth it.” Exactly what I’ve been saying, lol!



Lisa is a true inspiration to the plus size community. She shows me with every Instagram photo she posts and every blog write-up she publishes that beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes. We, as a society, must stop judging, comparing and shaming people for what we deem as “different”. We must learn to accept and embrace these “differences” so that everyone receives the love and respect they deserve. Thank you Lisa for sharing your journey and motivating all women to believe they are worthy and good enough in whatever size or shape they are. Lisa is the picture of what being Pretty,Plus and Proud is all about! Don’t forget to check out her blog and photos on Instagram for some great fashion tips for the curvy woman. Maybe she’s exactly what you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new in fashion.


Clothing by @lanebryant, photography, makeup and hair by @katiuskaidrovoo



4 thoughts on “Inspiring Women Series – Lisa

  1. Evie says:

    Lisa is amazing. I haven’t met her in person but she is someone I look up to. She keeps her dignity online and still having success! This is so inspiring! Not to mention she’s beautiful!!!


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