Inspiring Women Series – Wendy


Wendy or Wendypretty1 as she’s known on Instagram and YouTube is exactly that; pretty with a wardrobe that would make any fashionista envious. Her style is trendy but also comfortable. If you are a plus size women looking for styling tips, look no further than this lovely young lady. She is one of my fashion mentors and she knows how to get the deals, so for anyone on a budget, pay attention to Wendy’s videos. This girls gets her stuff practically free!


Her closet must have magical expanding powers, lol! Don’t know she fits all her treasures in!


Wendy also shares beauty tips for makeup and hair and shows us how a girl can always look and feel her best and be the best version of herself possible.


She always has a smile to share and her face radiates joy! Like the other ladies I’ve been featuring, she’s gorgeous inside and out, intelligent (is a dedicated student who continues to pursue her education), loving auntie, daughter and friend. She proves that plus size fashion has no barriers or limitations. Wear what you want whether it’s stripes, bright colours, form-fitting jeans or skirts and bold patterns and don’t forget to top it off with lots of bling.


Her catch phrase is “Pretty cute, right?” when she shares an outfit she particularly loves and that is exactly how I would describe her; pretty cute! Thanks Wendy for showing us that we can all be Pretty, Plus and Proud no matter our size or shape. Good fashion is for everyone!



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