Inspiration Tributes Continue – Queenbeefashionista4


Today’s post continues with my tribute to the women who inspire and motivate me to be the best version of myself while being happy in the skin I’m in. The lady pictured above is no stranger to my blog. Michelle or as many of you know her, queenbeefashionista4, is a woman worthy of many accolades. In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as follows: “Body Positive Advocate, Army Vet, Author and Aspiring Plus Size Model”. She is all of this and so much more! She is strong, courageous, beautiful, kind, a loving wife and mother and dedicated friend.


Her Instagram is a whole lot of positivity. Feeling down in the dumps about your life or yourself? Look no further than Michelle’s presence on social media. Her posts will turn that frown upside down and kick it straight out the door. She is definitely the place to start if you want to travel the road to being in love with yourself without worrying about changing a single thing. While she has her own set of struggles to deal with, she never fails to lift the spirits of someone in need, all with a smile and a few encouraging words.


This image is one of hundreds that can be found on her Instagram and really, who can argue with this?  You are enough and you are in charge of your life and your destiny!


This is a woman of rare beauty inside and out. She is a kind soul and a source of light in a world of much darkness and negativity especially for anyone dealing with self-image issues.


She is definitely my go-to source for sunshine and my motivator to be the sunshine for my readers and followers.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud just like QueenBeefashionista4 and check her out on Instagram anytime you are in need of a ray of light! Thanks beautiful for all you do to help everyone be body positive and happy with who they are!



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