Sources of Inspiration: All About LeeLeeLove96

Inspiration for how you live your life, choices you make and how you feel about yourself can come from anywhere. Many of us gain support and motivation from friends, family and even co-workers. Sometimes we want to change or improve ourselves from who we see at the gym, movies we watch and the people we follow on social media.

The last one, social media, has been a huge influential factor for me, especially in how I feel about myself, my happiness and sense of purpose in life. I see so many women who battle daily with issues of self-love, emotional and mental anxiety, eating disorders, emotional, mental and physical abuse and still they manage to get through their days with hope and a smile. I am inspired by the women who have vowed to change the way society behaves towards and treats people who don’t fit the “norm”; plus size, people of colour, different race or ethnic backgrounds, disabled, homosexual, transgender or any other numerous stereotypical categories and labels that have been used to describe people who are “different”.  I am blessed to have met many fellow bloggers, life coaches, motivational speakers and models who have forged a path for any one wishing to travel a journey of self acceptance; embracing and loving the body and skin they’re in.

This post will be the first of a series highlighting some of the women I follow on social media who have had a noteworthy effect on how I write my blog and present myself. Following them has helped me on my self-love journey and I wish to thank them for their influence by making them my blog post stars.

Today’s post features LeeLee or leeleelove96 as she is known on Instagram. Her description on Instagram reads as follows: “Jesus lover, Master of Social Work, French-speaking, plus size fashion junkie, lipstick lover, jewellery lover, free-spirited traveler, and good vibes only allowed”.  I know by following her, she like many of us, has her struggles but still she posts her pictures with a great outfit and a magnificent smile. Her positive vibes are infectious and she always inspires me to strive harder everyday to find a reason to be happy. She has a wardrobe, lipstick and jewellery collection any fashionista would lust after, me included and she proves that size has no fashion limits or rules. She is the epitome of the “wear what you like” slogan.

So LeeLee, thank you for helping society see that plus size women are beautiful, gracious, strong, intelligent and fashionable! Thank you for sharing your struggles, your triumphs and your wardrobe! Thank you for helping me to be truly “Pretty, Plus and Proud”! Now everyone who is reading this and not yet a leeleelove96 follower, what are you waiting for? Go check our this modern-day Wonder Woman!

Check out the pictures below of LeeLee in some of my favourite outfits. All photos were taken from her Instagram page, used with her permission.






I bought this same dress for my first speaking engagement in March! It’s so pretty!


I bought this same blouse during a great Torrid clearance sale a few weeks ago. Such a beautiful rich colour!


I own this top too, also bought at the clearance sale. Everything was an amazing $19.99 and under! I have the necklace too. Great fashion minds think alike? Lol, more like she is my fashion mentor!




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