Newly Organized Closet!


As many of you know, my husband and I have been doing a total house clean up and clear out. It has been quite the piece of work and not nearly finished yet (the dreaded basement is next on the list). I stated in an earlier post how good this project has been for my mental health. As each room gets less cluttered, I can feel the new lightness within my own body.

I am most proud of my closet organization job. I decided to remove the doors so while I don’t have a walk in closet I now have a walk up to closet. I can easily see what pieces of clothing I own, many of which I had forgotten about in my previously cramped arrangement. I placed all my pieces in order starting at the left with jackets, then sweaters, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve tops and last, dresses and skirts. The shelving below holds, on the left, my jeans, the middles holds pyjamas and bathing suits and the end houses my purses. The top shelves hold on the left, sweatshirts, yoga and gym pants and on the right photo albums and Christmas pillows. Once the basement gets cleaned up I’ll move the pillows and albums downstairs.

Looking at my newly organized, clean and less cluttered closet makes me smile.  What’s making you smile today? Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and I hope you found happiness somewhere or in something today! 🙂


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