Share The Love


All too often many people fall into the negative doom and gloom. It seems easier to criticize than to compliment. Women stand in groups checking each other out and looking for a way to bring each other down a notch. We think this behaviour will help to make ourselves look and feel better but that is not the case. Snuffing out someone else’s flame does not make our candle burn brighter.

Ladies, let’s build each other up. Together we are stronger. Find the strength, comment on it and support it. Put a spotlight on our good qualities and talents. Don’t focus on the negative, weaknesses or mistakes. Help people feel good about themselves and in doing so you will feel good in your skin as well. When you lift others up, you rise with them!


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and spread the love with everyone, wherever your day leads you!

Images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram


2 thoughts on “Share The Love

  1. The Daily Delphinium says:

    This is such a good reminder. Tonight as I was leaving work, a lady complimented my outfit and it made my day. I have to remember I’m capable of making other people happy in just the same way! It goes a long way to counteract all negativity around body image in our culture.


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