My Day Today

I work hard at being a positive person. I try to rise above people who spread negative energy, people who think they know better than me, people who always want to be right, people who talk too much and don’t listen enough. God knows I am far from perfect. Sure I can be moody. I can be quick to get angry and say or do things I later regret. However, with time to think, I usually come to the conclusion that an apology is owed. I do strive to learn from my mistakes and be better than I was before.


My day started with a conversation that set me up for a difficult and upsetting day. Not that the single conversation was upsetting alone but compiled with past similar occurrences, it pushed me over the edge. It was, as usual, something that I had done “wrong”. I was upset because where there should be positive reinforcement and support, there isn’t much of that. Let it be known that I don’t require approval from anyone but it is nice to receive nonetheless especially from someone who is dearly loved. No, my husband is not abusive and my daughter does not disrespect me. This came from outside my home but from someone I respect, love and hold close to my heart. Maybe I am being too touchy or oversensitive but it is what it is.


That conversation delayed my other plans for the day and made me late. I stopped for gas and couldn’t get the gas door to open. Later I broke my earring. My stomach was a bit out of sorts all day. It was just one of those days.


I’m comfortable and content in my home this evening. I have the house to myself and am trying to quiet my mind and calm my emotions. This was only one difficult day and tomorrow will bring hope for a better day. I do have the strength and courage to handle the difficult days. Sometimes a girl just has to vent! So thanks for listening to me!


I know and appreciate the positive feedback and support I have received since I began my blogging journey. I am grateful for all those who believe that what I write about is important and worthy of being heard. I am confident that wonderful opportunities are still waiting to be discovered. Most importantly I am excited about the friendships I have made and know that I will always have people who have my back.

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud every day, even the most difficult and darkest of days. It is the struggles that make us strong! So for the person who upset me this morning, maybe it seemed like I was being unreasonable in my reaction but my emotions were on high alert. Hopefully we can both take a lesson from this and do better next time.


All images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram.


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