Stop Waiting!


We’ve all said it, “When I lose twenty pounds, I’ll wear a bathing suit.” or “When I meet someone, then I’ll be able to travel and see the world.” Why are you waiting, wasting time you could be enjoying right now?

As Coach Sophia ( would say, “Grab life by the love handles.” Put on a bathing suit and go to the beach. Splash in the waves, build a sand castle and soak up a little vitamin D. Book a holiday with a tour group if you don’t want to travel completely alone. Do everything now while you are young and healthy enough to enjoy life. Don’t sacrifice happiness for something that may never happen.

Stop waiting and start living! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while you enjoy a life full of adventure, making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t grow old with regrets of things you should have done.


Sophia Apostol, as her website describes her is a “body positive life coach who helps women stop waiting on the weight and start living their most luscious life now.”


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