Decluttering Time!


Spring cleaning has come a little early to my house this year. I got the urge to start decluttering and I have opened quite the can of worms! You really don’t realize the amount of stuff you have acquired until you want to get rid of it all. This is a room we hope to redecorate in the near future so for now it has become my “get rid of stuff” room. Some things will be donated, some will be garbage and some I’m selling. I discovered a great app called “VarageSale”, a virtual garage sale. It has turned into quite the profitable little venture, this cleaning out job.

It feels good to lighten the load. It is a job that is long overdue! As my stuff disappears out the door, I can feel a weight of anxiety being lifted from my shoulders. The mess of stuff and clutter had really started to take a toll on my mental health and I know when the job is done from top to bottom of my little house, I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

What causes you anxiety within the walls of the place you call home? Is there a way to lessen the mental load? I urge you to take a step forward in making your house a true sanctuary where you feel comforted, relaxed and anxiety free.

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud of this chore I’ve taken on and look forward to a clean, clutter free home when it’s all done. The added bonus is a little extra money in the piggy bank for our vacation fund. I’m going to need it after all this hard work!

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2 thoughts on “Decluttering Time!

  1. LeeLee says:

    Wow! I love this Ena! I purge and declutter regularly, for my mental health as well. And when I do it, it lessens my anxiety for sure! Every week I’m getting rid of things, mostly clothing! It’s a part of my regular self care. As new items come in, some must also go out. I stopped at Torrid after work and bought a few things so I’ll be looking in my closet for things I’m not going to wear again, and will get rid of them. Certain clothes also elicit certain feelings (weird, I know) so at times I feel an urgency to just get rid of it!! I always put my clothes in a bag and drop it off at Goodwill. I wish I had the energy to sell them!! Thanks for sharing my friend!

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    • Ena says:

      Thank you for such a thoughtful and personal comment! So glad you enjoyed this blog post! We brought tons of bags to our church donation box today! I’ve done a good closet cleanup too, featuring that in my post today.


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