Rebellious Self-Love: Day 7




#rebelliousselflove creator from Instagram, margotmeanie.

Day 7: What does rebellious mean to you? – Back in my teenage days I would have said the rebellious kids are the ones who smoke, drink, experiment with drugs, party, skip school or participate in criminal activity. I assure you I was not included in this group of ruffians.

Today though, being rebellious isn’t always considered a bad trait. Many days, as my daughter was growing up,  I would think her rebellious when she wouldn’t bend to my will.  Now that she is a teenager growing into a lovely young woman, I would say this rebellious streak may be a good thing. She is stubborn but she is also not easily led into situations or places she’s not comfortable with. She is strong enough to stand on her own and do her own thing even if she stands alone. Her closest friend likes dances and roller skating. My girl doesn’t enjoy either of those activities so she doesn’t go. She’s confident enough with herself that she doesn’t feel the need to do the same things her friends do just so she can fit in. I have to say I wouldn’t have been that confident to stand out on my own like that when I was her age.

I think being rebellious means you are your own person. You form and shape your own ideas, thoughts and way of life despite outside influences who may want you to be or do something differently. You voice your opinions and are not afraid to speak your mind. You might be what some people may label as quirky, nerdy or odd but you’re okay with that. You stand firm in your beliefs and are not easily swayed by peer pressure. Maybe you get into trouble once in a while but you chalk it up to a life experience, learn from it and move on. Being rebellious has a freedom attached to it that those of us who prefer to follow the rules may never experience.

My final thought on this is that being a rebellious person is okay as long as people aren’t getting hurt in the process. Be mindful of how your activities affect the people you love the most. Assure them that the way you choose to live your life doesn’t mean you are endangering yourself. You are simply finding the road that you wish to follow that makes you joyful and fulfilled. Anyone who truly cares for you will accept and support whatever makes you happy.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and rebellious. Push your boundaries, step out of your comfort zones and live this one life you are blessed with!


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