Rebellious Self-Love: Day 6




Margotmeanie from Instagram. Join the challenge and #rebellioousselflove!

Day 6: Flip the bird – Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to swearing and gesturing displeasure but I don’t flip the bird, finding it to be a rude and unnecessary way to communicate. That’s just a personal opinion and I by no means judge anyone who chooses to do otherwise. We all express ourselves differently and that’s okay. When something makes me unhappy, I prefer to talk about my feelings, hoping that the recipient of my displeasure gets the message quickly and easily. I’m not one to really like confrontation so I tend to hold emotions in and then explode when things get to the boiling point. I realize this probably isn’t the healthiest way to deal with problems so this is probably an area that needs some work in the coming new year.

As to what annoys me, I have to say that one of my biggest pet peeves is cell phone rudeness. I hate when I’m visiting with someone, be it at my home or theirs, that instead of conversing with me, they are scrolling through social media and making what they see our conversation topic. People, put down the phones and let’s have a real conversation about something more personal than the pet tricks on FaceBook videos. Honestly, am I that boring that my company requires extra stimulation from a hand-held device?

How do you express anger, frustration, impatience or displeasure? Maybe I can find some new coping mechanisms from your suggestions. What kinds of things annoy you most?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and maybe together we can come up with a plan to expresses ourselves effectively when situations or people piss us off!


2 thoughts on “Rebellious Self-Love: Day 6

  1. findyourinnerconfidence says:

    Ena, I just want to thank you for nominating me for he blogger recognition award! I know that you have already been nominated, but I nominated you again 🙂 Good luck!

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