Blogger Recognition Award Again!




  • Thank you to the lovely and talented blogger, Tessa, for this nomination! Check out her blog at This post is dedicated to her for her generous and kind nomination!
  • So for those of you who don’t know me already, I started this blog as a hobby but it quickly became a passion. The reason for this is the immediate positive feedback and support it received. I truly feel like I’m touching people’s’ lives for the better and I am honoured they have allowed me into their lives and on their journey to being body positive and achieving self-love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of inspiration, motivation and love from you, my dear followers!
  • Two small pieces of love for other bloggers: 1) Write about what you love and are passionate about. People will catch on to your enthusiasm and follow you because you are enjoying what you write about. 2) Be kind to your followers. Respond to comments, follow people who are following you and read other blogs you follow as often as possible. Basically do what you hope others will do for you.
  • My Nominations:

These are all fabulous blogs so check them out! I look forward to reading their responses.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud in all you do today and it will be a fabulous day!




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