Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Great ideas!

The Floridian Girl

That’s what this post will involve.
It’s our first Valentine’s Day married. So it has to be special, right? Then again, it’s just another day at the same time. A day that’s so drummed up in retail where everyone thinks they need to buy a $5 card, $15 box of candy, a stuffed animal you’ll never look at after two days, and so on. I don’t think anyone actually looks forward to Valentine’s Day do they? Maybe when you’re little. When you make card boxes for all your classmates to drop their little cards and candy in to. Those were the days. Now it’s expensive, flashy, etc.
Why does it have to be February 14th to send roses. Don’t get me wrong I love flowers! But they’re costly when sent by a delivery service and they die. Like fast. Honestly publix has the best flowers they always…

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