Rebellious Self-Love: Day 3




The lovely Margot from Instagram, creator of this challenge! Find her under the name margotmeanie and tag #rebelliousselflove if you wish to participate in this challenge. 

Day three: A proud moment of 2016.

While there were many proud moments of 2016, one of my proudest moments was at the Curvy Expo, being introduced on stage among all the other lovely and talented bloggers in the Toronto area. Everyone accepted me and welcomed me as one of their own and I felt so honoured to be included in this prestigious group of women influencers who are making huge strides in the body positive industry. Together we are telling the fashion world, social media and the public that our size and how we look do not define our worth and we have a right to every opportunity that is afforded to and available for everyone. While I may not have all the clout many of these ladies have, I know I am making a difference in my own little part of the blogging world. I will continue my journey, accepting, embracing and loving the me I am now and inviting all my followers to do the same!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of all your moments from 2016; good, bad or ugly for they have helped shape who you are today and I, for one, think you’re pretty awesome!



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