Be Kind!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.

So Very true! When you are kind, loving and supportive, you show the best and most beautiful part of yourself. When you re mean, negative and belittling of someone, you show the ugly, nasty side of yourself that no one wants to see or be around. Your beauty and light are dimmed.

I’ve been following a blog called a fabulous place to find body positive inspiration and every day good feeling ideas and activities to incorporate into your daily life. If you’re not following Mary and her blog I definitely recommend you check it out. In a recent post I had the opportunity to download 50 Acts of Kindness suggestions. I love them! Ellen always says at the end of her show. “Be Kind To One Another”. That should be a given, not something people should be reminded of.  But, alas, living in an imperfect world, kindness is not always something you see or experience. Make today a day that you spread kindness and compassion to all you meet, even the ones you don’t like so much. Give the meanies the benefit of the doubt, maybe they’re having a bad day. Maybe your random act of kindness is the thing they need to turn their day around. If not for anyone else’s benefit, do it for your own sense of self satisfaction. Being kind will make you feel good.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud going into the weekend spreading kindness and love!




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