I Won A Giveaway! NYX Matte Lip Colour Reveal and Review!

About a week ago I received a very nice gift in the mail, a giveaway I won from YouTube’s Chelbaeee. Check out her channel https://youtu.be/L-xiaGEeDjY. Check out my channel for my big giveaway reveal http://www.youtube.com/c/PrettyPlusandProud, searching under my video list for the title “I Won a Giveaway“.

So here’s what I won:


I was super excited to win this beautiful selection of NYX matte lip colours!  I won’t have to buy any lipsticks for a very long time, lol! There were 36 stunning colours in all. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my lip colours so this was a very good prize for me to win. I truly appreciate Chelbaeee’s generosity!

I wanted to share the colour swatches in case you were interested in purchasing some of these lovely products for yourself. I have tried a few and my thoughts on this product are that the colours are intense, easy to apply and long-lasting. Basically, I loved them!

So I’ll go row by row, one row a day, starting from the left:

Today’s Post shows off Row 1:




1. Amsterdam  2. Stockholm  3. Tokyo  4. London


5. Istanbul  6. Antwerp  7. Addis Ababa  8.San Paulo


9. Abu Dhabi  10. Monte Carlo  11. Milan  12. Buenos Aires 

Which colours from this row did you like? Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post where I sample the second row of exotic locale lip colours from NYX!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and if you’re a makeup lover like myself, enjoy trying out some new colours to enhance that already beautiful face of yours!



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