Mental Health Awareness Day – Let’s Talk


When someone you know is obviously struggling emotionally or mentally, often our first thought is why can’t they just get over it? Mental illness is not something that can just go away if we wish it to. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, and a multitude of other mental problems are real and debilitating for those who are affected. We are fortunate though, that slowly the stigma of these issues is being discussed more and people know they are not alone. In my life I have suffered depression and anxiety but with the support of friends and family I had the courage to seek professional help when I needed it and was able to work through my issues. I did not allow those feelings and emotions take root or gain power over me for very long.

If you are in a place of mental or emotional pain I strongly urge you to not keep it in and suffer alone. Seek help from supportive and loving friends and family. Seek professional help through a doctor, counsellor or support groups. If you are a believer in a higher power, pray, attend a church, seek counsel from your priest or minister and fellow church members. Find comfort from online support groups, bloggers, YouTubers or Instagramers. Social media can be a powerful tool on a road to recovery. On the same note, delete or unfollow anyone who does not make you feel good about yourself or spreads negativity instead of positivity.


Please know you are never alone and need not suffer in silence! You have made it this far and you have the strength within you to keep fighting!


Cry, fight, scream but never be silent. Remember the dreams you had for yourself and let those help refocus you on a path of recovery and mental wellness. Happiness is only a reach away. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. 


Yes, a treat once in a while is always a good thing!

I hope my dear followers that you are all in a good place mentally and emotionally on this day dedicated to those who suffer. If you’re mentally healthy, be the support someone in your life may need. Do not judge but love. Surely in a world so large, no one never has to be alone with their problems!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of how far you have come, seek help when the road is bumpy and be the hand of comfort when fellow travellers are lost!

All images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.


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