The Blogger Recognition Award Again!!


Thank You – Thank you to for this nomination! I am so very honoured for this second nomination within such a short period of time. The new year is off to a great start! I appreciate Aiesha’s support and devoted following of my blog. If you haven’t checked out her piece of the blogging world, do it today!

Starting A Blog – I am a lover of the written word, both reading it and writing it. I needed a project and had just begun my body positive journey. I quickly discovered that by sharing my story, I wasn’t just helping myself be happier with who I am, I was inspiring other women to begin similar journeys. Thus my blog was born and I haven’t looked backwards since. It has become a true passion and one of my life’s greatest joy!

Advice – Write about what you love. Be grateful and kind to your followers. Be consistent.

Nominations – I hope all my followers know how important they are to me and if I could nominate all of you, I would. Hopefully I’m not into repeats as I must admit I’ve lost track of those I’ve nominated in recent posts. Please feel free to participate or not, no pressure, no worries. If you, as the reader of this post are looking for some great blogs to follow, check out this list. Lots of variety here in subject matter, definitely something for everyone.



Once again, thank you Aiesha for the nomination!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your passions whether it be cooking, dancing, cycling, stamp collecting or blog writing. Your passions are what make you so wonderfully and beautifully you!



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