You Are…..


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.

I apologize if you were expecting my Torrid Haute Cash haul as I did say I would post the items that made it home to my closet. I’m not quite done shopping yet (a little more cash and a few more Haute Cash cards to use up) so I’m postponing that post until next week, so hold on for all will be revealed soon!

In the meantime I have a few words of encouragement as we head into the weekend. More often than not, when we look in the mirror, we focus on the things we are not instead of seeing clearly the things we are. Shopping can be a difficult and vulnerable time as you try garment after garment and not like the way things fit. The photos and mannequins  displayed in the store never look the way you, as the shopper, look. You think something is going to look cute on you and then you deflate looking at the image in the change room mirror. All you see are how your lumps and bumps are visible through the fabric or your leg fat is poking through the holes on the distressed jeans you hoped would look hot.

I feel your pain and know what you are going through. I challenge you though to find a way to step out of this mindset. In my journey to be more in love with the body I have, I looked for images on Instagram, FaceBook, magazines, TV or movies  of bodies like my own, of women like me who were not size 2. The more I looked, the more I found. I saw pictures of “fat” women in body con dresses and skinny jeans and they looked good! I thought to myself, if they can do it then I can too. I discovered stores that catered to women with curves, who had staff that knew how to help me feel confident and sexy in clothes I never imagined in a million years I would ever wear or like.

Practice at home looking in your mirror and find one new thing each day that you love about the woman looking back at you. Maybe you love your big bright eyes or the slender curve of your nose. Maybe you have gorgeous curly hair or hair as smooth as silk. Maybe you have slender fingers meant for playing a piano or you have cute tiny feet that fit into pretty sandals. Learn to play up and style the parts you love. Slowly with each new thing you discover that you love, the parts you don’t care for will fade into the background.

Maybe you’ll never be a fashion model but maybe you are a great singer, artist, teacher, cook, Mom or wife, dancer or pilot. Think about all the amazing things you are, not what you aren’t.

Focus on being Pretty, Plus and Proud in the body you have today. You are everything you need to be in this moment of time!


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