Never Give Up!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4.

What dreams do you hold most dear in your heart? What do you want most in all the world? When you were a child, what future did you imagine for yourself? What will it take for that dream, that future, to become a reality if it’s not already? 

When I was young, I always knew I wanted to work with children. I loved little kids, enjoyed babysitting and felt I always had a knack for getting along well with them. I became a teacher to fulfill that dream. My diagnosis of MS sadly brought that career to a crashing halt because my declining health made being an engaging and effective teacher too difficult. The stress of the teaching profession and being in an environment riddled with germs wasn’t a good mix with an autoimmune disease. I was fortunate to have a young daughter that needed a Mom who could help with homework, volunteer in the classroom a little and be home on days she didn’t feel well. My role as her mom filled my time and kept me moving from day-to-day.

However, like all little children do, my girl grew up and moved onto high school, thus not really needing her mom as much as she used to. I became restless and bored. I knew I had talents and ideas that were being wasted sitting at home watching Netflix. Thus, a new dream was born, writing, and I started my blog. I have always enjoyed writing and did well in English all through school so blogging was a good fit. Plus I could do it whenever I wanted or not do it when I felt unwell.

Since starting my blog, I have met so many inspiring people and been exposed to opportunities that have made my dreams grow even wider. I want to share my body positive journey through lecturing, workshops and maybe even a book. I know that even at age 50, there is room to dream and hope. I know with hard work, perseverance, optimism and confidence, any and all dreams are possible realities for my future. I’m working on the lecturing part, having put in an application for a motivational speaking engagement supported by my local library. I’m on my way!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know that it is never too late to dream or hope. Believe that you are good enough, talented enough, smart enough, strong enough and worthy of making all the dreams of your heart come true! Do not give up on the life you want for yourself, the one you imagined as a child before the hard knocks of life pushed you down!


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