Be Good To Yourself!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.

If you are reading this, it means you are doing a great job at learning how to embrace who you are. It means you want to infuse positive energy into your life and live with hope, happiness and acceptance in your heart. It can be an uphill battle many days but with determination and perseverance, you will get to a place of self-love. Hard work deserves to be rewarded! What do you do to be good to you? How do you treat yourself for a job well done?

It’s no secret I love to shop and maybe I tend to treat myself more than I should but everyone has one bad habit don’t they? Don’t answer that, lol! It’s Haute Cash time at Torrid so you know where I can be found this week! Haute Cash is a coupon card earned for a period of time that when redeemable allows you $25 off of a $50 purchase. My friend Kara and I were there today scouring the racks for our must have purchases, carefully selecting our favourites to wisely use our coupon cards. I’ll be back tomorrow introducing a new friend to the world of Torrid (Hard to believe but she’s never been to the store before!). I’ll likely add to my pile started today and I’ll do a reveal in Friday’s post of what made the cut and came home with me. Enjoy the try on photos below. Any guesses to what might be going in my closet? Would you wear any of these items? Are you enjoying the benefits of Haute Cash time and if so what did you buy? This fashionista wants to know!




img_4221MY OUTFIT OF THE DAY THAT I LEFT FROM HOME WEARING: Torrid jeggings size 16 petite, Torrid sweater from last season and Torrid earrings.


Haute Cash Codes to use for online purchases courtesy of wendypretty1 on Instagram.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remember all work and no reward isn’t much fun! Every girl needs and deserves a little fun in her life!


4 thoughts on “Be Good To Yourself!

  1. The Fat Vegan Life says:

    Everything looks great! Is the Haute cash something you have to earn? I would like to get my hands on that coupon because, while yes their clothes are phenomenal and fabulous quality… Without the coupon, this Momma is on a budget, lol.


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