How Can You Love Yourself More?


My screen saver; every time I turn on my computer I receive this positive message, see list below for #19!

I am very fortunate and grateful to be part of the body positive community! I have never experienced such unconditional love, support, kindness and positive feedback in my life! There has been no judgement, jealousy, meanness, criticism or unfair treatment in the year and a half since I embarked on my self-love journey and the debut of my blog. I am happy to call many of my followers friends, even though we have never met. I know social media has been criticized and blamed for many bad things happening in the world, bullying being number one on that list. While I don’t want to diminish that horrible fact, for me, social media has introduced me to so many women who understand and accept me. That is a treasure I will never take for granted. It is my hope that someday I will meet face to face, these friends who have had such a huge positive impact on my life. It is because of these relationships that I have truly come to love who I am and how I am choosing to live my life.

One such friend is no stranger to my blog as I often use her Instagram images as inspiration for my posts, queenbeefashionista4. She is a motivational force in my life and I am honoured she has allowed me to share her words with you within my blog. We have messaged each other often, offering words of encouragement during difficult times and cheered each other through our successes. Today’s blog is no different from many, inspired and suggested by the Queen. If you’re on Instagram, look her up for daily doses of body positive wisdom!

The question in today’s title, “How Can You Love Yourself More?”, is a good one to ponder at the start of this new year. Many of you know that I have chosen not to make any New Year’s Resolutions. Loving yourself more, however, is a resolution I can support. It is something we should all do daily, always, not just at the beginning of a new year. So thanks my dear Queen Bee, for permission and encouragement to use these ideas in my post!

22 Ways To Love Yourself More:

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Say “no” when you need to.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  4. Allow yourself down time.
  5. Be truly present.
  6. Know and use your strengths.
  7. Let yourself off the hook for imperfections.
  8. Work on forgiving yourself for the bigger stuff.
  9. Accept that some people won’t like you.
  10. Make fun a priority.
  11. Practice gratitude.
  12. Write down your successes.
  13. Feel your feelings.
  14. Take good care of your body.
  15. Pursue a hobby.
  16. Stand up for yourself.
  17. Write yourself a love letter.
  18. Ask for help when you need it.
  19. Speak kindly to yourself.
  20. Surround yourself with people who treat you with kindness and respect.
  21. Give yourself a treat.
  22. Be honest with yourself.


See list above for #3, 9, 16, 20

Many of these ideas aren’t new to my blog as I’ve probably touched more than once on many of them. Together in one post though, they speak a powerful statement. Some are easier to do then others but with one small step at a time I think we can achieve many if not all of them in our journey to becoming body positive.


Wake up ladies!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of the road you have travelled so far and with this list, venture forth, strongly and with determination to love the skin you are in, no matter what it may look like. 


2 thoughts on “How Can You Love Yourself More?

  1. queenbeefashionistablog says:

    Thank you love! You are an amazing woman. I hope to meet you in person soon. I am truly blessed to have a good friend like you. Thank you for sharing my motivational body positive posts. Xoxo


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