Introducing The Wonderful Dr. Cori!


Are you in need of motivation and inspiration to get what you deserve out of life? Not sure how to attain your goals? Let me share with you the lovely and amazing creator of FemmeBombs! As her website states Dr. Cori is a “Personal Development Coach and Life Enthusiast.” She offers coaching sessions for personal development, confidence and self-esteem. She is known for her “transparent and empathetic approach to connecting everyday women with the skills needed to be happy and confident in their lives.”


She has been where many of us are now or trying to move away from: unsure, afraid, not believing we’re worthy or good enough.


I love her weekly FemmeBombs; little nuggets of inspirational quotes that help me to feel good about myself and inspire me to continue my body positive journey and reach high when it comes to goal setting.


Check out her website for more information about her services, online courses and how to connect with her. Maybe this is a good way to start the new year; learning how to accept, embrace and love the skin you are in and to be truly Pretty, Plus and Proud!

All inserted images are from Dr. Cori’s FemmeBomb email postings.

4 thoughts on “Introducing The Wonderful Dr. Cori!

  1. fun7684 says:

    Thank you for introducing Dr. Cori. This is definitely a site that all women should visit, if for nothing else to get a boost. Many of the quotes would make awesome daily affirmations. Wishing you a prosperous new year!


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