The Versatile Blogger Award



  • I have been honoured with this award nomination from Check out her blog if you’re not already following her!
  • 7 Facts About Myself: 1) I am the oldest of 3 children, 4 years older than my twin brother and sister. 2) I proudly turned 50 last April and had the best surprise party ever all planned by my hubby of 19 years. 3) I’m addicted to Diet Coke. 4) I’m a night hawk preferring to stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning. 5) I am a hugely sentimental person who finds it hard to give things up that once belonged to loved ones who have passed on. 6) I love watching videos on YouTube about Tiny Houses. 7) I love watching crime shows on TV like Criminal Minds and Law and Order.
  • My nominees:


Thank you to all my followers for keeping Pretty, Plus and Proud as part of your life! I write for you and am so glad you find what I write motivating, inspirational and helpful. That is why I do what I do!



15 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    It’s raining awards for you! Congratulations!

    And thank you for the nomination. I really appreciate it! I don’t have the time to squeeze in an award post but I’d like to share 7 facts about me right here:

    1. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke – but that was long time ago. Now I enjoy full sugar Coke. Bring on the sugar! 🙂
    2. I’m 6’1” tall.
    3. I’m a night owl too.
    4. And I love watching videos on youtube! I watch everything – music videos, sitcoms, cartoons, cat videos, tennis… everthing!
    5. I don’t have a telly.
    6. I have a huge crush on James Spader. And on Kevin Spacey. ♥
    7. I’m a fan of My Little Pony. Seriously.

    Again, thank you so much for the nomination. It’s so lovely you thought of me. xoxo


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