What A Beautiful World It Would Be!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram. 

Indeed! Women of my generation have been so overexposed to the false messages that you have to be slim to be healthy, happy, worthy of love or a good job. We have been slammed time and again with TV and magazine ads selling diet programs, pills, shakes or exercise equipment all in the name of being better then we are. As women we talk about each other behind our backs, making snide and rude comments about aging looks and weight gains. We compete instead of support.


Image courtesy of anncharles368 on Instagram. 

Let’s stand together in 2017 and make some social changes! Let’s teach our daughters that they are beautiful at any size. They are beautiful not because of their outward appearance but because of the treasures of their heart and soul. They are valuable because they are intelligent, talented, kind, compassionate, helpful, trustworthy, generous and empathetic. They are more than worthy and good enough for all the blessings God and the universe will surely bestow upon them. Tell them they will go far in life by helping others up, not dragging them down. They will prosper with health, wealth, family love, friendships, harmony and serenity in this new year of 2017 and all the years to come if they can be the generation to change the mindset of a society that values people’s looks instead of their minds.

We can do this ladies! Get ready, set and go spread the Pretty, Plus and Proud motto! Let’s create the beautiful and wonderful world Nikita Gill (from the first image posted here) envisioned!



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