Happy New Year!


Image courtesy of Instagram search “newyear2017”. Used with permission to share. 

What plans have you made to ring in 2017? I’m enjoying a nice steak dinner with my husband and daughter. Then we’re heading over to my sister in-law’s house for an evening of snacks and games. Nothing fancy but always lots of fun!

New Year’s Eve plans are different for everyone and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured into dressing yourself up for a flashy party with champagne and caviar. Maybe going to a movie is more your style. Some prefer a quiet evening in, off the roads and potential hazards parties and cars can sometimes produce.

Whatever your plans may be, alone or with friends and family, let it be a time of reflection. Allow yourself to feel good about the positive changes you’ve made to your life and look forward to a new year with opportunities for new growth.

Remember the Revolution motto I wrote about yesterday which I am choosing to adopt in the new year ahead. Gone are the typical Resolutions and feelings of failure when it all goes awry.


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and let 2017 be your year to shine with body positive energy and self-love vibes! 


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram. 

Happy New Year from this plus size gal to all my lovely followers! Thanks for a great year of blogging love and support! 🍾🎉



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