Start A Revolution!!


Opportunities to be amazing!

The new year is about to begin! Time to leave 2016 behind and start fresh with 2017!

Usually a new year brings with it feelings of wanting to make changes. Generally people want to lose weight, eat better and exercise more. What happens after a few weeks into the new year? The enthusiasm wanes and resolutions are soon forgotten. The feelings of guilt and failure set in and once again we spiral down into self-hate and body loathing.


I challenge everyone to ditch the resolution idea and start a life revolution instead! How about making a vow to love the body you have? If you are able to embrace self-love you’ll naturally want to treat your body as the precious temple it is by feeding it well, moving it regularly and lavishing it with care. Change the focus from losing weight to simply loving who you are in this moment!

Another idea may be to change the focus away from yourself and instead vow to spend more time with friends and family. Challenge those you love to love you and see your value and worth!

Vow to take life into your hands and run with it. Do all the things you keep saying you want to do but haven’t because you’ve been locked in feelings of fear and worries about how you’d look. Take the dance class. Learn to sculpt. Go on the roller coaster. Write a book. Buy a pair of jeans. Who cares what other people will say or think? Worry about making yourself happy this year! Let everyone else take a flying leap if their opinion is anything but positive or supportive!

Instead of vowing to change the outside, how about some improvement on things that could change the world: kindness, charity and forgiveness.


Together let’s show the world that size does not determine your worth. Your weight does not define you or what you can do. Your health is not your weight nor is it anyone’s business. You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are capable! You are strong! You are intelligent! You are talented!


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and revolt! Throw the standard New Year’s Resolutions out the window and simply be happy, whatever and however that looks to you! 

Images courtesy of Instagram under Resolutions search. Used with permission to share. 



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